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     For Illustrations:


"We just gave Heather's calligraphy of wedding vows to my daughter and her wife yesterday, and they absolutely loved it! They were very touched and also struck by how beautiful it is. Heather did a gorgeous job!"

Marlboro, Vermont



  “Heather did a great job of graphics for my book How Far Have You Traveled? She was fast, efficient, creative without wasting time, and produced just what was needed with minimal communications. She understood the objectives and matched her talents to my request. Excellent in all ways.”

John Calvi

author, The Dance Between Hope and Fear

Quaker Healer, Massage Therapist, teacher, author

Putney, Vermont



For Copy Editing:


"I highly recommend Heather as a copy editor. Not only is her work fast and accurate but she is truly one of the most unflappable partners I have had the pleasure of working with. She is unfazed by changes and works to keep the process on track. "

Joe Tankersley

author, Reimagining Our Tomorrows

writer, futurist, former Walt Disney Imagineer

Unique Visions

Winter Springs, Florida



“When Heather copy edited and fact-checked articles I was writing for national science magazines, she was the perfect combination of sensitivity, tact, delicacy, and gravitas.”

Rebecca Coffey

author, Nietzsche’s Angel Food Cake,

science journalist and humorist,

Putney, Vermont



“Heather brings a compellingly important combination of sensibilities to her editing work. She is extraordinarily precise about grammar, and she is tenacious about capturing the nuances of what you want to communicate. Working with her is truly a fine experience.”


L. Lyedecker “Lyedie” Geer, MS IMC

Integral Master Coach™ and Counsel,

Walpole, New Hampshire



“Heather has wisely helped us edit publications to make them more coherent and succinct and asked us wonderful clarifying questions to ensure that we are communicating what we intend. We continue to work with Heather for her professionalism, timeliness, and ability to help us bring our major publications to the next level.”

Jen Cirillo

Director of Professional Development,

Co-Chair of the US Partnership for Education

for Sustainable Development,

Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont



“Heather does a superb job. Her suggestions for rewriting are always excellent—she found a number of places where I could simplify or get rid of unnecessary adjectives. I am grateful to her for helping me write something unique.”


—Sidney Spies

author, Vacant Eyes

and Surviving Old Age

Piedmont, California



"Heather's ability to ask authors just the right questions to flesh out or clarify an idea and make their article come alive is her greatest skill."

—Susan Hathaway

Operations Manager,

Synergy Learning International, Inc.

publishers of Connect magazine

Brattleboro, Vermont


On Writing:


“Heather looks at her subject (scene or character) in a direct, clear-eyed way, and the words come as if from an underground stream—vivid, original words—that make you see exactly what she is looking at. You find yourself in the scene, feeling what the character is feeling. Heather is not a lazy writer. She does not resort to somebody else's way of saying a thing. Her writing has freshness and authenticity. It's like a sumptuous meal you want to sit down and linger over.”

Jan Frazier

author, When Fear Falls Away

The Freedom of Being

and Opening the Door;

leader of writer's workshops,

Westminster West, Vermont 






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