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Proofreading includes checking the prepared manuscript before it goes to the printer or the next stage of publication. All other edits (such as wording, usage, how text is organized) will have already been done by this stage.




Fact-checking includes checking all names, dates, locations, URLs, technical terms, claims, and sources for accuracy.

Writing Help


Sometimes we need a little nudge to get going. I offer questions, ask for clarification, and help you get to the core of what you want to say.

I help you slice through the jargon, clichés, and any inauthentic language that may obscure your meaning. Whether hoping for sounding more academic or aesthetic, we sometimes adopt a tone that does not help convey the message. I assist you to get to the root of your meaning while maintaining  strength, beauty, and concision.

More About Editing...

A copy editor works on behalf of the author, the reader, and the publisher to produce a clear and error-free piece of writing.


I copy edit on three levels of complexity. (A light edit takes the least amount of time; a heavy edit, the most.) You choose the level of edit you desire. At all levels I correct errors, query author or publisher when needed, typecode if asked, and prepare a stylesheet.


Light Edit includes:

correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage; checking for consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, capitalization, sequencing; checking tables, figures, etc.


Medium Edit includes:

all of the above plus, in fiction, tracking plot, character traits, settings, and querying descrepancies; in nonfiction, ensuring key terms are consistent and maintaining a list of possible vocabulary and index items; maintaining consistent tone in multiple-author manuscripts; typecoding; flagging inappropriate or incorrect statements; changing text and headings to achieve parallel structure.


Heavy Edit includes:

all of the above plus eliminating wordiness and jargon, smoothing transitions and reorganizing sentences, paragraphs or chapters if necessary; assigning new levels of headlines and subheadlines to achieve logical structure; suggest additions, deletions, and rewrites.



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